At SNS Jewelry Studio, inc. we endeavor to be trusted and preferred manufacturer of precious jewelry for leading retailers and brands worldwide. We aim to achieve our goal by building on our founder’s values of innovation, by understanding our customers and suppliers, and by nurturing the talent and passion of our people in a culture of continual improvement. We strive to build a globally respected organization that fulfills the needs of all our stakeholders including the environment.


Conducting business in legal, ethical and accountable manner.
Promoting RJC’s responsible best practices into entire value chain.
Combating money laundering and finance to terrorism.
Uprooting all forms of bribery and facilitation payments.
Fostering Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties.
Discouraging all forms of child labor and forced labor.
Providing better work environment for the development of all our employees.
Making equal opportunity certain to all our employees with non-discrimination.
Respecting human rights and human values towards all our stakeholders including employees.
Availing highest standards of environment, health and safety for safe workplace.
Preventing environmental impacts of operations by applying better engineering and managerial controls.

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